29 Apr 2024 | Cowboy Roast Session

Post-Espresso Blog Post

Arrived home from work on a Monday, sipping on a well-needed double-shot straight espresso. No water, no milk, no sweetener, just a house blend I made to get rid of some old green coffee beans. This house blend is about 35% Monsooned Malabar Robusta, with 65% Monsooned Malabaar Arabica. Very strong.

I'll go into Monsooned Malabar in a future blog post. It's a very unique way to processing coffee beans.


Cowboy Coffee is our attempt to create something that has plenty of woody flavor while maintaining that little bit of smokiness and strength to call it "cowboy style". The goal is to have an outdoorsy feel with the Uganda, woody flavor, and fill the backend of the coffee sip with some smoky, dark roasted robusta. 

Today's a roast day, that means I'll be roasting my Brazilian, Uganda, and Robusta beans today to prepare for a camping weekend this week and a bit extra for home. Should be fun. And now having about one year of roasting under my belt, things are starting to make sense.

Thanks for reading and please check out site for more about Hevel Coffee!

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